Protect your savings and freedoms by knowing how to legally “sidestep” The Governments New “Digital Dollar”

jim rickards

Jim Rickards here.

I've worked on Wall Street for 40 years. Helped the government during financial crises.

And today I have some important news to share.

The government is developing a new digital currency called the "digital dollar." And this could allow unprecedented tracking of our finances.

With it, the government could potentially restrict access to your money with the click of a button. I'm very concerned.

And it gets worse. They may be able to see where we shop, what we purchase, and how we spend. Financial privacy as we know it could disappear. We'd be under constant surveillance.

This digital dollar makes me very uneasy about our future.

But here's the good part. There are legal ways to keep your assets protected. I call it "Asset Emancipation."

Asset Emancipation uses stable assets like gold that provide freedom. This secures your interests regardless of what happens with this new “digital dollar.”

You can stay in control while others struggle. 

I'll provide the details on how to do this.

But we must act fast before the digital dollar arrives.

Please get my free reports now on safeguarding yourself financially and maintaining privacy.

I want to help regular Americans during this transition. Together we can ensure security and liberty. 

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